The Beginning – The Montalvo Legacy

Tara Montalvo & Daniel Richardson met in high school. They fell madly in love with each other so when Daniel proposed soon after their graduation Tara immediately said yes. Scared of what people would say about their young marriage they got married at a small church down the road, only inviting close family and friends.

Even though they married young it was 8 years before they had children. Their marriage was going through a rough patch since the 5 year mark and they had been trying for a child since then thinking it would help their marriage. Though they  had been trying for a while and had even visited all the clinics to no avail it took until their 8 year milestone when they finally conceived. Finding out they were having triplets came as a shock to them considering their difficulties but they thought of it as a blessing, both praying they would all be healthy. The pregnancy definitely improved the marriage, with both sharing they love for the children their love to increased. When the time came for Tara to give birth she, alike her conception, had some difficulties. Although they both wished for a home birth they knew she’d need to go to hospital. In the hospital she had an emergency cesarean with only 2 of the 3 babies surviving. The 2 that survived were identical girls and the one stillborn, a boy. They named the oldest Lisa and the youngest Anna. After the death of one triplet Daniel fell into a deep depression. Tara although also sad knew she had to be there for her daughters and did the best she could while Daniel was down at the bar, more often than not, drinking away his problems. This took a major toll on their relationship and made Tara think if she could truly love someone that could throw away everything so easily. Tara confronted him many times when he arrived home at 3 in the morning, threatening to end their marriage, but Daniel in his drunk state didn’t pay much attention before passing out on the couch. In the morning when Daniel awoke at 1pm she again tried to confront him but with his throbbing headache once again paid no attention to her rambling and in less than an hour he could be found down at the bar.

One morning Tara finally was able to drag her husband down to a counsellor prescribing him with anti-depressants and a weekly visit. This combination seemed to be working although Daniel was hesitant in the beginning and frequently missed the appointments when Tara did not drag him to them things looked to be going up hill. Things were going great in the household. Daniel was finally there for his children and for Tara he no longer needed his anti-depressants and he had started back at work, doing surprisingly well considering his 7 month break. One day when Daniel found out his mother had passed away in a car accident he was devastated. Although Daniel did not have a very good relationship with his mother  her death had caused him to once again crumble. Daniel tried to pull it together for his family hiding his mothers death from them but he was collapsing on the inside. Tara had noticed he had become more distant but she took it as stress from work. One day when Tara was out of town for a wedding Daniel over-dosed on his anti-depressants and with the combination of alcohol from his hidden stash he passed away. The twins were asleep at the time but when they awoke hungry and bored they began to cry. The neighbour had noticed and went over to see what the fuss was about. She knocked several times with no answer so she used her spare key to get in. When she discovered the crying babies and the seemingly unconscious Daniel she tried to wake him. When she turned his face over it was blue, his skin was cold and lifeless. She immediately called the ambulance and then Tara. Tara immediately thanked Mrs. Sampson for doing what she did and after hanging up started balling her eyes out. When Tara got a grip she ordered and uber and went home to her children. The ceremony was held a week later at the same church they were married in and Tara cried throughout, Tara decided to take back her old last name feeling as though he’d always taint her memories if she didn’t. She could not help but feel responsible for Daniel’s death. Tara was once again extremely saddened for the loss she suffered but as she had done before she pulled it together for her children.

When her children aged into kids and began school nobody asked about why they only had a mother, no one seemed to care. Lisa was constantly teased as a child as she could never fully concentrate and would constantly wonder off into her own world. People called her cloud 9 and although not all of it was good Lisa loved the attention she was getting, although she loved her sister and mother she felt as though at times she was ignored. Anna was much more reserved and liked to hide in the shadows. Although she had quite a few close friends she rather enjoyed being left alone to read her books. Tara was actively involved in the girls’ lives, especially in their educations. Tara still being young and gorgeous was the object of many people’s affection. Tara although being widely sought after never showed any feelings back, still feeling partially responsible for her husbands death she didn’t want to put herself through that pain again. When the girls became teens they were more beautiful than ever and when they started attending high school alike Tara many boys became keen. They dated around but neither found anything that became as serious as Tara had. After they finally graduated from high school both wanted to go to university they saved up enough money and with a little help from their mother they were on their way. Although Tara would miss them she knew more than anyone that the only way they could be happy was if they did what they wanted and so she let them go knowing she’d be fine on her own and hoping they’d do bigger and better things with their lives than she had.

This is where our story begins…


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